Fall Winterization

Fall Winterization Services

Prepare Your Landscape for the Winter Season with Pro Nightscape and Irrigation

As the vibrant colors of fall fade away and winter approaches, it’s crucial to prepare your landscape for the colder months ahead. At Pro Nightscape and Irrigation, we offer professional Fall Winterization services to safeguard your outdoor space and ensure its health and vitality throughout the winter season. Our expert team will take the necessary steps to protect your plants, irrigation system, and overall landscape, ensuring a smooth transition into the colder months.

What We Offer

Our Fall Winterization Services

Plant Protection

Our skilled team will carefully assess your landscape and provide protection for delicate plants and shrubs. We'll apply an insulating layer of mulch around the base of plants to shield them from freezing temperatures and fluctuations.

Irrigation System Winterization

Properly preparing your irrigation system for winter is essential to prevent freezing and damage. We'll drain all water from the system, blow out any remaining water from pipes and sprinkler heads, and ensure valves and controllers are properly adjusted for the colder temperatures.

Lawn Care and Fertilization

To promote a healthy lawn during winter and set the stage for vibrant spring growth, we'll provide a final fertilization treatment specifically designed for fall and winter conditions. This will nourish the grass roots and help your lawn withstand the colder temperatures.

Leaf Removal and Clean-Up

As leaves begin to fall, we'll ensure your landscape remains clean and free of debris. Our team will perform thorough leaf removal, clearing paths, lawn areas, and other designated spaces, maintaining a tidy and pristine appearance.

Winter Pruning

Our certified arborists will perform selective pruning to remove dead or damaged branches, promote healthy growth, and shape trees and shrubs for better structure. This helps prevent winter breakage and prepares them for a robust spring growth.

Outdoor Lighting Check-Up

We'll inspect your outdoor lighting system, ensuring all fixtures are in proper working order. Our technicians will replace any bulbs if necessary and make adjustments to enhance visibility and safety during the longer winter nights.

Professional Fall Winterization Services

Don't Leave Your Landscape Vulnerable To The Challenges of Winter.

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    Don’t leave your landscape vulnerable to the challenges of winter. Prepare it for the colder months with our professional Fall Winterization services. At Pro Nightscape and Irrigation, we are committed to the health and longevity of your outdoor space.
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